Civita is a liberal think tank that aims to contribute to an increased understanding for and commitment to liberal values and solutions. Civita shall convey knowledge and ideas about these liberal values in a way that expands the field of political debate and the possibility of policy reform.

Civita will emphasize the ideological and principled perspectives. Civita seeks not only to explain, but also to promote, the meaning of liberal values, through research and analysis, participation in the public debate, lectures, meetings and publications. Among the basic liberal values are liberal democracy, human rights, a free and open economy, a strong civil society and personal responsibility. Liberal rights protect and promote the freedom of the individual.

Civita is organised as a network of persons with diverse political affiliations and from different sectors of society (academia, business, media, organisations and politics). Civita is a politically independent, non-profit organisation.


Civita works towards increased knowledge about and support for liberal values and solutions. Civita aims to create attention and interest for these through research and analysis, participation in the public debate, lectures, meetings and publications.


Current activities

Civita is currently engaged in debates on a range of topics, among them the debates connected to the rise of populism and nationalism in Europe and the USA, including Brexit and Donald Trump’s election victory.

Other running debates in which Civita are involved are topics such as tax reform, the sustainability of the welfare state, the need for cuts in public budgets, the importance of the private sector being part in solving the challenges of the welfare system, climate change, inequality, privacy, and the need for a more rational aid and development policy.

Civita uses a variety of platforms in our outreach, from a range of publications, blogs, bulletins, web site, newsletters, social media, op-eds and media appearances, to seminars, breakfast and evening events and participation in other public debates.

In 2016 Civita published 31 publications, which included 27 briefing papers, 2 reports and 2 books.







We have hosted 64 events, which includes 34 breakfast meetings with 250 – 350 participants at each meeting. We have during the last year held several breakfast meetings in cooperation with the political parties, and a breakfast meeting with Gordon Brown and Prime Minister Erna Solberg. All our breakfast meetings are livestreamed through our website and Facebook. Video and podcast are always available on our website after each meeting. In addition, we also host a number of smaller meetings for specially invited people.





We are delighted that an increasing number of Civita’s great team of economists, philosophers, historians, political scientists, and fellows contribute to the public debate.

In 2016, more than a hundred young people participated at our educational activities, our seminars Oscarsborg and Flesland and the Civita Academy in Political Science. Our alumni network now counts several hundred persons, where some are members of the current government.

None of the achievements above would have been possible without the financial support from all our contributors from the private sector.