Through its work CIVITA shall contribute to an increased understanding for and commitment to the core values of a free economy, civil society and strengthened personal responsibility. Civita shall convey knowledge and ideas that are thought-provoking and will expand the arena for political debate and policy reform proposals.

Civita will emphasize the ideological and principled perspective in the ongoing social debate. As an independent and proactive medium Civita shall not only explain, but also promote the meaning of freedom, personal responsibility and a free market economy.

Civita shall function as a network of persons with different political affiliation and from different sectors of society (academia, business, media, organizations and politics). Civita will be an informal medium and host to regular arrangements such as seminars, lectures, book publications and presentations.


Civita – shall strive for an increased consensus on important market economy principles and their implications on welfare, freedom and democracy. Civita is also dedicated in promoting personal responsibility and civil society to achieve larger, more important roles in society’s development. Civita will try to create attention and interest for this through:

• Research and exposition.
• Publications.
• Seminars, conferences and general information to the enlightenment of the public audience.