IDEER: Easterly og Fukuyama om Hayek

Francis Fukuyama skriver om Hayeks The Constitution of Liberty i
The New York Times: “The Constitution of Liberty” builds on this view of
the limits of human cognition to make the case that no government can
know enough about a society to plan effectively. The government’s true
role is more modest: to create laws that are general and equally
applied; these laws constitute the matrix in which the spontaneous
interactions of individuals can occur." Les også bloggposten der William
Easterly kritiserer deler av Fukuyamas fremstilling.

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Europe and the challenge from Putin’s Russia

Cafe Christiania

Civita invites you to a breakfast meeting Tuesday June 2nd 8.00 -9.30 am. Russia’s aggressive foreign policy presents a challenge to European security and policymakers. Increased Russian military capabilities, uncertain intentions and active projection of power are heavily affecting the sense of security in the Baltic States, the Nordic countries and Central Europe. Are we witnessing the rise of a new Cold War? How should Europe meet Putin’s Russia?

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